Magic Fountain

After a day of history and art, stop by the Magic Fountain
for a show that's free and effortless to enjoy.


Designed for the Great Universal Exhibition, the fountain debuted in 1929, and it's still entertaining people to this day. After dark, standing at the base of Montjuic, it's bathed in the glow of spotlights in the sky above the Museum of Catalan Art. Get there early to get a seat though! Busloads of locals and tourists come from miles around to see the Magic Fountain on warm summer nights. Shows are free, run every 30 minutes, and feature colorful displays of dancing lights, classical and popular music and changing shapes made of water shooting 50 feet in the air. You may even want to watch it twice – it never seems to get old. I’ve read reviews that call the music cheesy, but that’s missing the point. This is entertainment of the most accessible variety – and the most enjoyable.