Hey, that's me. On the top of Montserrat, near Barcelona. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess, because I had the opportunity awhile back, when I was bored in my daily life and job, to move to this Catalonian city in Spain. The funny, often surreal atmosphere and life-affirming craziness of Barcelona was exactly what I needed at the time. Just 4 months there, more or less as a tourist but long enough to feel at home, gave me a new lease on life. There is something rejuvenating about living in and absorbing the values of a culture that embraces the creative impulse. I dedicate this site to anyone who travels, but especially to artistic types – artists, musicians, designers, performers – who are looking to "recharge the creative batteries." This is a great place to do it.


In that sense, Barcelona Beso is also a travel site. Having been asked why I liked it there so much, I added a Top Ten page and Sightseeing photos. They only scratch the surface, and some may be out of date. But I hope they inspire you to visit there yourself and let Barcelona work its magic on you.


Steven Moore

Madison WI